Match your phones to your business need

While we offer a broad range of Polycom phones, we help you make the choice simple.

Desktop VOIP phones: Multitel's recommended models for Hosted PBX service

We've identified a range of Polycom phones to span the spectrum of SMB employee needs. None of them require technical installation—just connect them to the Internet and they're ready to go.

Additional Phones for your Business

Polycom Soundstation IP6000

Polycom Conference Phone

Provides quality and clarity for most small-scale meetings


Already have phones?

If you have one or more of the phones listed or any other Polycom or Cisco/Linksys/Grandstream phones, you can use your existing phones with our Hosted PBX service. Please contact a sales representative to see how easy it is to use the phone you already have.  Since we are strictly adhering to SIP standards, any other SIP phones will also work, requiring a bit of manual configuration.

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