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Build a worldwide presence!

Choose phone numbers from over 100 countries and make them ring on your landline, cellphone or on your network!

Route your numbers to our free Hosted PBX. Build IVRs, support queues, voicemails and complex rules
Build services based on our API or just use our white-label reseller platform.


Here's our product offering:

DID Numbers

We are offering DID numbers in over 100 countries worldwide, along with ring-to solutions..

Call Anywhere

We are offering A-Z worldwide termination services with a focus on quality CLI routes.

Worldwide presence

Your services - now closer to your customers. Deploy new servers in minutes


Build apps and services based on our platform.

2 Step Authentication

Make sure your users are who they claim to be.


Move your phones in the cloud. Build powerful IVRs, Queues, Hunt groups, Voicemails

Multitel is a telecom solutions provider. We aim to empower individuals, small companies, and large corporations to stay connected through localized and international phone numbers through our digital communication services. Our goal is to provide higher quality services at a cost effective rate that will allow our users the ability to grow personal relationships as well as their businesses.

-About Multitel-

Deploy your PBX Servers in one (or more) of our worldwide locations!

- Use the software of your choice, receive free provisioning software, free SQL backups and much much more!
- Choose any level of service - from our Free Hosted PBX to our dedicated PBX servers (below)
- All systems are configured with our trunks so you are ready to call immediately - but you can also configure your own VoIP supplier
- Charged daily - you use it for a day, you pay for a single day, not for one month!


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